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Papers and paleo programs

Hello all,
I have a request to make, but first I thought I'd contribute something. It's 
not exactly earth-shattering, but on Saturday November 5, the Discovery 
Channel is having a bit of a paleo marathon, with Walking with Dinosaurs and 
Beasts, culminating in a brand new Walking with... special, called Before the 
Dinosaurs, about the denizens of the Paleozoic. All I can say is, it's about 
Now the request. I am conducting a project on iguanodontians for school, and I 
need some papers that are in periodicals not carried by the university. It's a 
lengthy wish list, I'm afraid. Could anyone please send me pdfs of any of 
these references:

You, H.-L., Q. Ji, J.-L. Li, and Y.-X. Li. 2003. A new hadrosauroid dinosaur 
from the mid-Cretaceous of Liaoning Province, P. R. China. Acta Geologica 
Sinica (English Edition) 77(2): 148-154. (The description of Shuangmiaosaurus 

You, H., Q. Ji, and D. Li. 2005. "Lanzhousaurus magnidens" gn. et sp. nov.
from Gansu Province, China: the largest-toothed herbivorous dinosaur in the
world. Geological Bulletin of China 24:785-794. 

Wang, X.-L. and X. Xu. 2001. A new iguanodontid (Jinzhousaurus yangi, gen. et 
sp. nov.) from the Yixian Formation of western Liaoning, China. Chinese 
Science Bulletin 46(19): 1669-1672.

Thanks very much in advance,
Andrew McDonald
University of Nebraska - Lincoln