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Re: Archaeopteryx with bird book, was Re: Archaeopteryx flight

Jaime Headden wrote:

Well, actually, the question asked was whether it was a bird or not (Andreas
Wagner said "No!" or something to that effect).

Wagner was so convinced that _Archaeopteryx_ was NOT a bird that he re-named it _Griphosaurus_. He also doubted that the "epidermic structures" of _Archaeopteryx_ were really feathers at all... ,and was equally doubtful about the entire concept of evolution, as proposed by Darwin. *Phew*, thank goodness things have changed...

Mike Keesey wrote:

But the _Sinornithosaurus_ specimen NGMC 91 ("Dave") suggests that the primitive condition for eumaniraptors may have been *more* extensive feathering over the head.

Yes, good point. I had overlooked that.