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RE: Claw function in Deinonychus

Hi there,

The claw is not stuck in the gut but appears to have been used to rip the
throat severing the wind pipe and jugular.  This was covered in detail by
Ken Carpenter in GAIA No 15, Evidence of Predatory Behaviour by Carnivorous
Dinosaurs (free download from Ken's site).

This was the original conclusion of Phil Manning and the Killer Dinosaurs
programme.  The crampon idea came later.

The programme also starred Ken and a robotic Ankylosaur tail that was used
to break all the ribs of a pig carcase and send turkeys (standing in for
Velociraptor) flying across the room.

John Hunt 

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>And we have a Velociraptor gutting a Protoceratops. What more do they need?

Just a quick observation, but the claw is stuck in the gut of the 
Protoceratops, so it's hard to say if it was just digging in as recently 
suggested, or didn't have enough room to give a good kick and so couldn't 
complete the cut.


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