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Re: Claws on deinonychosaurs

OH, the claw was in the Proto's throat, even better.
That's the best place to make a quick kill in most
cases. Of course, sandstorm (or something like) not
withstanding, this veloc would have failed in his
mission of killing without sustaining injury. I'm
guessing something else was amiss that created this

On claw function I think you're all right. What's it
used for? Everything. As far as climbing it is
interesting the cats whose claws possess some
similarities with the raps can climb. Just last week I
watched a cat race up a tree 20 feet in about 2/3 of
second after a squirrel. Of course it was proper
#@$%&ed after that. It took awhile but it made it
down. Would we guess that if and when a Dromaeosaur
raced up a tree that it would have had a hell of a
time getting down. Hmmm, those with the largest
display feathers might have had a slight advantage in
the jump down which might have developed into
something over time. 
I would guess that a very hungry theropod would
certainly try to climb after food even if it didn't
have a penchant for climbing. Might something be
gathered from comparing the climbing possibilities of
sickle clawed theropods to the non sickle clawed?

--Claw uses. 

Killing. Specifically throats.

Killing by Gutting.

Grasping then using hands and teeth.

Display: Flashing it as a warning.

Rip up a dead dino that has no wounds.

Rip open wounds to slowly kill large preditors from
bleeding to death.

Rip open wounds, not to kill but to get a snack from a
living animal. Like a cookie cutter shark does to a

Rip open a wound so larger preditors, smelling the
blood, will come and kill for them. 

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. Any
more to ad to the list? 

I can't write anymore. My carpel is screaming. 



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