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Re: Claw function in Deinonychus

Mike Habib <mhabib5@jhmi.edu> wrote:
<The info above makes it appear as if my hunch was wrong (nothing shocking
there);  I am a bit confused, however, because your ratios seem to say the

  Ugh, you're right. That comes from writing the prelim observations (such as
working from memory...) then finding measurements of the unguals (one from a
*Megaraptor* paper and another from a press comparison of Utah's vs. Deino and
Vel claws). At which point, I started to try to go back and fix my earlier
comments to conform to the tables. The inference I wrote under inverted
allometry was based on faulty writing, so I blame myself for rewording that
twice and still getting the parsing wrong. Oh well.

<Thanks for taking the time to gather that prelim data!>

  Sure, no prob. For what it's worth, the measurements for *Adasaurus* and
*Microraptor* follow:

  At an estimated body length of 1.5m, *Adasaurus* has a claw length of 22.5mm,
which is incredibly small, 0.015 of body length. Meanwhile, for the holotype of
*Microraptor gui*, with a body length of .73m, it has a claw length of 15mm, so
0.021. And for the type of *Cryptovolans pauli*, we have a body length of .75m
(estimated with slender proportions and a neck and neck of roughly equal
length,  with a claw length of 14.76mm, so 0.02. I may have gotten the body
length wrong, but used Norell et al's figure from Nature featuring the


Jaime A. Headden

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

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