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Re: Claw function in Deinonychus

To determine the utility of a robotic dromaeosaur leg as a model for studying the capabilities of a living dromaeosaur's leg, it would be helpful to set up a parallel experiment that would investigate how closely the damage inflicted by a robotic cassowary leg would mimic the damage caused by a real cassowary. I don't know if a cassowary could be provoked to lash out at a fresh pig or (perhaps more appropriately) a fresh croc carcass, but there are reports and medical records of cassowary-inflicted wounds that could be used for drawing comparisons.

I don't mean to imply that dromaeosaurs and cassowaries would move in the same way or inflict comparable wounds, but I think that such a project could be helpful in determining whether or not there are significant limitations inherent to the robotic modeling methods used to study _Deinonychus_ claw function.
"Dino Guy" Ralph W. Miller III
Docent at the California Academy of Sciences
proud member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology