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RE: DVPS Speaker: Michael Swanwick on "Bones of the Earth"

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> Patti
> The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
> (In conjunction with their regular monthly meeting)
> Presents Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Writer:  Michael Swanwick
> In a Lively Talk on His Paleo-Sci-Fi Novel:  “Bones of the Earth”
> Michael Swanwick is one of the most prolific and popular science fiction
> writers of his generation, and is the recipient of close to every major
> award in his genre (the Hugo, Nebula, Theodore Sturgeon, and World Fantasy
> Awards). "Scherzo with Tyrannosaur" won a Hugo award for best short story.
> Now Mr. Swanwick will speak on the outstanding and acclaimed novel inspired
> by that work, “Bones of the Earth”, a book which, in the words of Richard
> Horton, “combines several well-integrated (and rather original) SFnal ideas
> with some neat scientific speculation, interesting characters, a compelling
> plot, and a powerfully argued theme about the nature of science and the
> human urge to do science."  More intriguingly, the work delves into the
> paleontological community and presents individually-crafted persona,
> reflecting the many personalities therein, populating a time-travel
> scenario, and possibly even answering the conjectures of the ages.

Note: the very first scene of the novel is set in Ralph Chapman's old 
Smithsonian office, down to the view and the Elvis clock.
Ralph, Linda Deck, and your's truly (among others) make guest appearances or 
mentions in Bones of the Earth.

And UNLIKE his "Proving Dr. Tom's Hypothesis", Swanwick does NOT kill me off in 
this one...

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