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RE: tyrannosaur cladistic analyses

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> Michael Barton
> Can anyone refer me to recent published articles with cladistic analyses for
> tyrannosaurs? Thank you...

You mean, other than Holtz (2004) (The Dinosauria 2nd edition)? :-)

Actually, a number of them have been published recently, but even more are on 
their way next year when the two T. rex symposia
volumes come out (hopefully).

Other than my analysis, the most recent work is Carr et al. 2005 (Journal of 
Vertebrate Paleontology 25:1191-143) and Currie et al.
2003 (Acta Paleontologica Polonica 48:227-234). However, Thom (et al.) and Phil 
(et al.)'s phylogenies are just cranial. (Not that
there is very much disagreement in the signal, mind you...).

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