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Re: Papers and paleo programs

If our information from discovery is correct, I
believe 'before the dinosaurs' (Walking With Monsters
here in the UK) is screening the weekend of November
5th on discovery USA, as part of their prehistoric
weekend. the series is 3 x 30m ins in the UK, with
advert breaks in the USA I guess it will be 3 x
45mins. UK viewers can catch it Dec 8th, 13th, and
22nd 8.30pm on BBC1. Previews are rumoured to be on
BBC3 [digital]. check those listings!

The series features animals that lived prior to the
dinosaurs. Some of my extra special chums at SVP
received an extra special advance screening, 'cause I
had the dvd with me. I think Ep3 is the best, so wait
for that one. I won't provide any spoilers as to
what/which animals you will see.

'Remember remember the 5th of november with...'

Impossible Pictures, UK.

--- Tommy Bradley <htomsirveaux@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Andrew MacDonald,
> >It is disgusting that the show is buried deep in
> the TV listings of 
> >Discovery's website; I have yet to see a commercial
> for it. Oh well, as 
> >long as someone found it...
> Really, where?  I couldn't find it.
> Please tell me how to find it, or send me a link. 
> I'm going to tape this 
> bad boy, and need to know when where and how long.
> Thanks,
> Tommy
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