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Walking with Monsters

In case nobody has answered your question about the
subject show:

The show will air Nov 5th on the Discovery Channel
(US) at 7:00pm and then re-run at 11:00pm.  It lasts 2
hours, including commercials and appears on
Discovery's listings under the heading "Before the

The only information I was able to find on the show
was on the Discovery Canada website, which is actually
advertising it:

The show actually consists of three 30min episodes.  I
got this from Impossible Picture's website (the show's
Click on "productions" and you will be treated with a
brief description of all the projects they are working
on or are about to release including "Oceans", "T-Rex:
100 years in pictures" and "Prehistoric Park".  Notice
that "Prehistoric Park" with Nigel Marven will be a
whopping six 60min episodes.
Slide to the far right and you will see the
description for "Walking with Monsters: Before the

It's sad that Discovery did not find merit in
advertising this latest "Walking With" show.  If this
means the public is losing interest for this kind of
programming (which in the US lately would not surprise
me) that could mean less of them in the future.  Maybe
there will be int erst in a reality show where 10
paleontologists are thrown in an island and have to
find and identify as many fossils as possible while
scheming and squabbling with each other and.... never


Manuel Parrado

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