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RE: A new Brazilian dino

Here's a really rough translation of the text of the article into English (via Google):
(Brackets "[]" are my notes).


Searching gauchos find new "dinossauro-bisavô" ("dinosaur-great-grandfather")
LÉO GERCHMANN of the Agency Leaf, in Porto Alegre

Searching gauchos had found, in São João do Polêsine (the 267 km of Porto Alegre), fossils of one dinosaur with 228 million years. The animal, according to scientists, is the found greater already with this age. [oldest yet found?]

The discovery was made by researchers of the Ulbra (Luterana University of Brazil) of Cachoeira do Sul [Waterfall of the South?].

The fossils are in rocks of the Triassic Period (that it behind goes of 245 million the 200 million years), the first one of the Age Mesozoic (or the Age of the Dinosaurs).

The fossils had been found June 13th. The conclusion to that if it deals with the greater dinosaur already found of the end of the Triassic if must to the size of the bones and the development of the joints. Its teeth, serrated, arrive the 5 cm.

The paleontologist Sergio Cabrera, coordinator of the team, says that the discovery was "a surprise".

The animal one was one biped with up to five meters of length and two meters of height, with great, typical teeth of carnivores. The presence of a certain type of fusing of bones of the leg also indicates that the animal one was a saurischian (ancestry that originated the carnivores in such a way how much the giant eaters of plants). Vertebrae, teeth, phalanxes, bones of the legs and other bones still not identified had been found, all reconstituted in laboratory for the group of the Ulbra.

The remaining portions are similar to found in Saint Maria in 1936 (the _Staurikosaurus pricei_, that currently it is in the Museum of the Harvard University, in U.S.A.), in Candelária in 1998 (_Guaibasaurus candelariensis_), and in Argentina in 1963 (_Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis_).

In accordance with Cabrera, dinosaur, that still it does not have name, weighed around 400 kilos and had at least 20 years of age when it died. One is possibly about a predator, with great power of perforation of the canine tooth.


(Allan Edels)

From: Roberto Takata <rmtakata@gmail.com>
Reply-To: rmtakata@gmail.com
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: A new Brazilian dino
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 21:13:05 -0200

A group of paleontologist of Luteran University at Cachoeira do Sul
anounced that a fossil finding could represent a new species of
Triassic carnivorous saurischian dinosaurs.

The specimen resembles a big herrarasaurid/staurikosaurid. Vertebrae,
teeth, phalanges, limb components and others yet unindentified bones
was found - together they suggest a 5m-long animal.

http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/ciencia/ult306u13925.shtml [in Portuguese]


Roberto Takata