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Re: A new Brazilian dino

Let me try.

2005/10/28, Allan Edels <edels@msn.com>:
> Here's a really rough translation of the text of the article into English
> (via Google):
> (Brackets "[]" are my notes).
> ======================================================
> Searching gauchos find new "dinossauro-bisavô"
> ("dinosaur-great-grandfather")
> LÉO GERCHMANN of the Agency Leaf, in Porto Alegre

Gauchos researches [i.e. - researches from the Rio Grande do Sul State
- RS] found a new great-grandfather dinosaur.

>From Folha Agency, Porto Alegre

> Searching gauchos had found, in São João do Polêsine (the 267 km of Porto
> Alegre), fossils of one dinosaur with 228 million years.  The animal,
> according to scientists, is the found greater already with this age.
> [oldest yet found?]

RS researches had found, in Sao Joao do Polesine (located 267 km from
Porto Alegre), a fossil of a 228 million years old dinosaur. According
to scientists, it is the largest one already found from that
geological age.

> The discovery was made by researchers of the Ulbra (Luterana University of
> Brazil) of Cachoeira do Sul [Waterfall of the South?].

The discovery was done by researches from Ulbra (Luteran University of
Brazil) at Cachoeira do Sul.

[Though cachoeira is indeed waterfall, Cachoeira do Sul (in capitals)
is a city name.]


Roberto Takata