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RE: Claws on deinonychosaurs

Richard Travsky said:

"Which brings up another image to mind - housecats (and by extention,
no doubt other cat breeds, including wild) are effective at fighting
on their backs and using their claws. I'm positive I've seen depictions of

They do indeed.  I have personal experience of this with a pet cat who liked
fighting - a lot!  He used to practice by attacking my feet if I was foolish
enough to be barefoot, where he would lay on his back, grab my foot with his
forepaws whilst raking with his back paws.  I had many a bloody foot.

I think it is important to remember that cats cause lacerations by running
their claws along the surface of the skin with little penetration.  When
they do penetrate, as the same cat used to climb me as if I was a tree, then
punctures rather than incisions were the result.

He was quite a cat, I think today I would have all my neighbours filing law

John Hunt