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Re: Follow-up: the truth about killer dinosaurs

David Marjanovic wrote: 'Why does almost everyone who draws beakless
feathered dinosaurs let the  feathers stop at the lacrimal? <rant>'

Because modern predatory birds' feathers stop at the lacrimal! The maxilla
is almost always naked, but it's easy to miss as the max is so reduced in
favour of that huge great beaky pre-max.

Well, not all coelurosaurs are comparable in ecology, and... doesn't the maxilla take part in the beak?

Feathers are a bitch to clean.  For this reason, the head and necks of
carrion-eating birds are almost entirely devoid of feathers.

Yep -- but that doesn't look applicable to a lot of nonavian theropods. Besides, many of them had long arms and could thus groom themselves with their fingers.