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Re: Reviews of "Sound of Thunder"

In a message dated 9/1/2005 3:05:09 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
ddkrentz@charter.net writes:

< Even here in movie-land, the mere-mention of that film in it  many  
years of pre-production has only resulted in eye-rolling.   It was the  
film no one wanted to work on.  Even dinophiles  grumbled at the awful  
adaptation of a classic story.>
>From today's Variety:
"Warner has extremely low expectations for "Thunder" given the  small
number of theaters on which it is bowing. Studio is obliged to  give
the pic a release as part of a deal with the bankrupt  Franchise
Pictures, which made it. With little promotion, title will  likely
appeal just to sci-fi fans familiar with the Ray Bradbury  time-travel
story on which it is based."