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Re: Chimp Fossils

In article <1f4a892d05090203347ddc337a@mail.gmail.com>, T. Michael 
Keesey wrote:
> The simplest explanation is that, half
> a million years ago, as now, they were primarily rainforest dwellers
> which ventured onto the open plains at times.
       And since at least one got made dead, then it obviously wasn't 
very well adapted to the conditions ...
       OK, I see that logic, but unless there's a line in the sand with 
appropriate signposts saying "Rainforest This Side", "Semi-arid 
Savannah this side", there's going to be a transition zone, which is 
now an obvious target region for trying to dig bones out of the ground.
 Aidan Karley,
 Aberdeen, Scotland,
 Location: 57°10' N,  02°09'  W (sub-tropical Aberdeen), 0.021233
 Written at Fri, 02 Sep 2005 17:38 +0100

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