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Re: Reviews of "Sound of Thunder"

On Tue, 6 Sep 2005, Allan Edels wrote:
> The audience reviews are in:
> Only $1.15 million for its opening weekend in the USA.  The film cost a 
> reported $80 million to produce.  This is a bomb of Chixilub proportions!  
> :-)
A Sound of Thunder silently rolled into 816 locations with an estimated
$1.2 million four-day gross, ranking No. 17 for the weekend. Shot three
years ago, the $80 million time travel thriller, based on a Ray Bradbury
short story, is the final picture from the bankrupt Franchise Pictures
that Warner Bros. is contractually obligated to distribute theatrically.

Franchise was the company behind Battlefield Earth, 3,000 Miles to
Graceland and Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever among other debacles. Out of their
two dozen movies that made it to theaters, only one, The Whole Nine Yards,
could be labeled a hit.