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Burpee Tyrannosaur Symposium

Dear All,

I wanted to take the time to let you know about some updates to "The
Origin, Systematics and Paleobiology of Tyrannosauridae".  

1st the updated schedule is now posted at www.burpee.org.  

2nd I have had several calls from people wanting to come to the
symposium, however are concerned with the ever-increasing cost of
gasoline.  There are alternatives to driving.  The Rockford Airport has
flights coming directly from Denver, Las Vegas, Detroit, Orlando, and
Atlanta via the following airlines, Hooters, Northwest and

3rd reference lodging, the Clock Tower Inn still is offering it's
symposium rate of $89.00 per night.  

4th reference a posting I saw that stated our talks are the same as the
100 Years of T.rex symposium.  Let me point out some differences.  The
T.rex symposium had 23 presenters, we have 30 presenters.  Of the 23
from the T.rex symposium only 14 are returning to present at our
symposium. Of the returning 14 presenters, the majority of which are
presenting new material.  

So to say that the 2 symposia are the same or even similar is simply not
correct.  This symposium is new and different, dealing with more than
T.rex.  The focus of the symposium is tyrannosaur ontogeny, as well as
the Nanotyrannus vs. T.rex issue (which we spend a whole day on).
Please look at it like this, 100 Years of T.rex and The Origin,
Systematics and Paleobiology of Tyrannosauridae, compliment each other,
a chapter 1 and a chapter 2.  

At any rate, tickets are still available, and I hope and encourage
anyone interested to attend.  If you have any questions please let me

Thanks again,
Scott Williams
Burpee Museum