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RE: "Dinosaur Cowboy" movies

Oddly, I received Jordan's reply to this message over 10 minutes before I received the original!

Here's sort of one:
"Valley of the Gwangi" is not about fossil hunters, and not exactly in the Old West (It takes place in Mexico, around the 1900's). It does have cowboys and a British paleontologist ("Sir Horace Bromley" - thank you IMDb :-)), as well as an _Eohippus_.

I think you would need to option about 6 different books in order to film a Cope vs. Marsh movie (just to be sure that you didn't get sued).

Allan Edels

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Subject: "Dinosaur Cowboy" movies
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I was reading my son Parkers a copy of "Dinosaur Hunters" last night (a K-6
book about Marsh and Cope) and it occurred to me that this would make a
great Dinosaur Western. I can't remember Hollywood ever making one, though.
Does anyone remember any movies involving dinosaur (fossil) hunting in the