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Re: Looking to catch up on Sauropods.

Parker and I want to know why some of them have nostrils
on top of their heads.

Actually they don't. Search the archives http://dml.cmnh.org for "nostrils". Should be in 2001.

> I just recently got a copy of "The Dinosauria" (I'm
> just beginning to actually pick up and look for
> literature that I should have gotten along time ago.
> I'm new to this whole thing and much of the vocabulary
> used in these posts goes way over my head).

I'm sorry to say that in this case "a long time ago" is _so_ long ago that this book is almost useless. It's from 1990 (the paperback version from 1992 was not updated). Easily half of what it says is wrong, period -- just for this reason.

The 2nd edition is from 2004. It is almost up to date.