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Re: "Dinosaur Cowboy" film

Aidan Karley wrote:
>>>"Contoversy! Racism! Past behaviour of American
people and governments. 
Quick, grab the whitewash bucket with both hands and

Dan Varner wrote:
>>>But I have to ask what kind  of "saga" here has 
cinema value. 

...It's precisely their inner demons and conflict that
make them so fascinating!  (and don't we all have
those....well...at least to one degree or another?!) 

Tim Williams wrote:
>>>>I think "The Adventures of Baron von Nopcsa" would
make a better 
>(Though it would probably warrant a "PG" rating - or
even an "R".)


"Rodlox R" wrote:
>>>*blank look*  von Nopcsa?

...(blank look here too!)

Phil Bigelow wrote:
>>>If Quenton Tarrentino wrote 
> screenplay (and then directed it), I'd bet it would

...sure Phil....he could borrow Mr. Pink's (Steve
Buscemi's) dialogue from "Reservoir Dogs": "Somebody's
shoved a red-hot poker up our ass, and I want to know
whose name is on the handle!"....actually, I can
picture Cope saying that! (Is this post going to get
me kicked off the DML?)   

Richard W. Travsky wrote:
>>>If Tarentino did it, there'd have to be beheadings,
vampires, etc

....does Cope's head count?

Phil Bigelow wrote:
>>>Half of America can't even write 
grammatically correct sentence.

....(yes, sadly true)

>>>Does ANYONE believe that a film about the
SCIENTIFIC issues between 
and Cope would entertain the masses?

....obviously, I do.  However, my treatment centers
more on the conflict between the two and their
sociopathic behavior.  It should be noted, also, that
rather than a big budget Hollywood film, this would be
handled by an independent producer. (Can you imagine
who Hollywood would cast?!?!)  Hey Phil....ever take
any drama classes as an undergrad? ;) 

Don Ohmes wrote:
>>>Consider the patent medicines available to the real

Cope and Marsh. No need to limit your screenplay in
any pharmaceutical sense (no pun intended).

...I agree with that!

Wow!  Didn't know the DML had so many film buffs!
~Rose Alexander