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RE: "Cowboy Dinosaur" for the masses

Mary Sue Henry wrote:

>>I may have missed it, but did anyone mention that a film was made back in the 60's or 70's that included both cowboys and dinosaurs? In the film the cowboys got into a hidden valley that was full of dinosaurs. It kind of used the "King Kong" plot, and they roped a dinosaur, brought it back to civilization, exhibited it in a carnival, it broke loose, etc. Mary Sue

Yes, you missed my earlier message which went, in part:

"Valley of the Gwangi" is not about fossil hunters, and not exactly in the Old West (It takes place in Mexico, around the 1900's). It does have cowboys and a British paleontologist ("Sir Horace Bromley" - thank you IMDb :-)), as well as an _Eohippus_. <<<

It also has a circus, and the Allosaur dies in a firery blaze inside a church! Great Ray Harryhausen effects throughout. BTW, the film was released in 1969.

I, in turn, didn't see your message because I couldn't read it in Hotmail (if I get my Outlook working again after the last update, maybe I could read it). Sorry.

Hope this helps,

Allan Edels