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RE: "Dinosaur Cowboy" film

Didn't Lauren Bacall mean to say "Some dinosaurs ... have ... feathers ... "

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I had a dream last night about this thread.  As best as I can remember,
here is what happened.

Tarentino agreed to write and direct the movie.  Actors were: Al Pacino
as O.C. Marsh.  Ed Begley, Jr. played Cope.

Lauren Bacall played Cope's crazy domineering mother.  Holly Hunter
played a feisty yet good hearted Como Bluff, Wyoming tavern owner, who is
having a passionate romantic relationship with both Marsh and Cope
(without Marsh or Cope knowing about the other being involved with her). 
A young Charles Sternberg was played by Elijah Wood.

[Insert some gratuitous footage of dinosaur bones here].

An intoxicated Cope accidentally kills a well-respected Sioux Nation
guide (played by Abe Vigota) while visiting Thermopolis, Wyoming.  Cope
covers up the tragedy by transporting the body out to Como Bluff, where
it is buried.  A few months after Cope returns to the East coast, Marsh
arrives with his band of bone robbers and begins robbing Cope's quarries.
 During one of the excavations, Marsh uncovers the body of the slain
Sioux and, suspecting that his rival was responsible for the killing,
Marsh immediately contacts the local sheriff.  But Marsh and his mistress
are also charged with the murder, and Marsh escapes into the wilds of New
Mexico.  His mistress (Holly Hunter) joins him, and together they rob
banks to fund their escape from the law.

[Insert lots of wagon chases and fiery wagon crashes here].

Meanwhile, Cope, now back at his museum, hears of the charges against
Marsh and Cope's mistress (Holly Hunter).  Cope is both delighted at
Marsh's troubles and angered that his mistress is shacking up with Marsh.
 Out for revenge, Cope travels to the southwest to kill Marsh and his

Along the way, Cope meets up with a young Canadian named Charles
Sternberg (Elijah Wood) who is in New Mexico on vacation.  Cope convinces
young Sternberg to join him on Cope's mission of revenge, in which Cope
tells Sternberg, "Killing an academic paleontologist will look good on
your resume', kid".  Since killing an academic paleontologist had always
been a childhood fantasy of Sternberg, the young man quickly agrees to
join Cope.

Cope and Sternberg finally meet up with Marsh and the mistress south of
Taos, NM, where  a huge gun battle ensues.  During the battle, young
Sternberg is accidentally shot dead by a ricochet from Cope's own
Peacemaker.  Traumatized by the accidental death, the remaining three
resolve their bitter rivalry and agree to join forces "For the good of
paleontology".  Figuring they can beat the Feds. to the Mexican border,
the three felons flee southward via Texas.  But the Texas Rangers are
waiting for them at the border.  The mistress (Holly Hunter) agrees to
stay behind and create a "diversion" in order to allow Cope and Marsh to
slip across the border.

Near the end of the movie, Cope and Marsh are holed up in a small shack
on the outskirts of Bogota, surrounded by the Bolivian army.  The army
burns the shack to the ground, but after the ashes have cooled, there is
no evidence of Cope and Marsh's bodies.

[insert eery music here]

Cope's and Marsh's mistress (Holly Hunter) later becomes the first floozy
to become governor of Texas.  When asked about her old lovers, the
mistress continues to refer to Cope and Marsh in the present tense. 
Cope's crazy mother (Lauren Bacall) takes over Cope's old museum and she
makes it into one of the most influential paleontology museums in the

The last scene in the movie is an extreme close up of Lauren Bacall's
lips, as she slowly utters in a quivering voice, "Some dinosaurs can

[insert more eery music here]

Mercifully, I woke up at that point.  A word to the wise: Don't eat tacos
just before bedtime!!!