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Re: "Dinosaur Cowboy" film ---> :-)

On Thu, 08 Sep 2005 15:08:29 -0400 "Allan Edels" <edels@msn.com> writes:
> Uh...  Phil?  Phil?  are you there?....
> You must have used the peyote sauce on those tacos instead of the 
> salsa.  Or 
> you found Cope's nighttime remedy potions...
> :-)
> Allan Edels

Well, that might help explain the pieces of my fingernails that I found
embedded in the ceiling over my bed this morning.

Maybe I should stop buying homemade salsa from a guy who drives a
fluorescent orange 1967 VW Bug with fiberglas insect wings bolted to the


> >From: Phil Bigelow <bigelowp@juno.com>
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> >To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> >Subject: Re: "Dinosaur Cowboy" film
> >Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2005 10:34:08 +0000 (pd)
> >
> >
> >I had a dream last night about this thread.  As best as I can 
> remember,
> >here is what happened.
> >
> >Tarentino agreed to write and direct the movie.  Actors were: Al 
> Pacino
> >as O.C. Marsh.  Ed Begley, Jr. played Cope.
> >
> >Lauren Bacall played Cope's crazy domineering mother.  Holly 
> Hunter
> >played a feisty yet good hearted Como Bluff, Wyoming tavern owner, 
> who is
> >having a passionate romantic relationship with both Marsh and Cope
> >(without Marsh or Cope knowing about the other being involved with 
> her).
> >A young Charles Sternberg was played by Elijah Wood.
> >
> >[Insert some gratuitous footage of dinosaur bones here].
> >
> >An intoxicated Cope accidentally kills a well-respected Sioux 
> Nation
> >guide (played by Abe Vigota) while visiting Thermopolis, Wyoming.  
> Cope
> >covers up the tragedy by transporting the body out to Como Bluff, 
> where
> >it is buried.  A few months after Cope returns to the East coast, 
> Marsh
> >arrives with his band of bone robbers and begins robbing Cope's 
> quarries.
> >  During one of the excavations, Marsh uncovers the body of the 
> slain
> >Sioux and, suspecting that his rival was responsible for the 
> killing,
> >Marsh immediately contacts the local sheriff.  But Marsh and his 
> mistress
> >are also charged with the murder, and Marsh escapes into the wilds 
> of New
> >Mexico.  His mistress (Holly Hunter) joins him, and together they 
> rob
> >banks to fund their escape from the law.
> >
> >[Insert lots of wagon chases and fiery wagon crashes here].
> >
> >Meanwhile, Cope, now back at his museum, hears of the charges 
> against
> >Marsh and Cope's mistress (Holly Hunter).  Cope is both delighted 
> at
> >Marsh's troubles and angered that his mistress is shacking up with 
> Marsh.
> >  Out for revenge, Cope travels to the southwest to kill Marsh and 
> his
> >mistress.
> >
> >Along the way, Cope meets up with a young Canadian named Charles
> >Sternberg (Elijah Wood) who is in New Mexico on vacation.  Cope 
> convinces
> >young Sternberg to join him on Cope's mission of revenge, in which 
> Cope
> >tells Sternberg, "Killing an academic paleontologist will look good 
> on
> >your resume', kid".  Since killing an academic paleontologist had 
> always
> >been a childhood fantasy of Sternberg, the young man quickly agrees 
> to
> >join Cope.
> >
> >Cope and Sternberg finally meet up with Marsh and the mistress 
> south of
> >Taos, NM, where  a huge gun battle ensues.  During the battle, 
> young
> >Sternberg is accidentally shot dead by a ricochet from Cope's own
> >Peacemaker.  Traumatized by the accidental death, the remaining 
> three
> >resolve their bitter rivalry and agree to join forces "For the good 
> of
> >paleontology".  Figuring they can beat the Feds. to the Mexican 
> border,
> >the three felons flee southward via Texas.  But the Texas Rangers 
> are
> >waiting for them at the border.  The mistress (Holly Hunter) agrees 
> to
> >stay behind and create a "diversion" in order to allow Cope and 
> Marsh to
> >slip across the border.
> >
> >Near the end of the movie, Cope and Marsh are holed up in a small 
> shack
> >on the outskirts of Bogota, surrounded by the Bolivian army.  The 
> army
> >burns the shack to the ground, but after the ashes have cooled, 
> there is
> >no evidence of Cope and Marsh's bodies.
> >
> >[insert eery music here]
> >
> >Cope's and Marsh's mistress (Holly Hunter) later becomes the first 
> floozy
> >to become governor of Texas.  When asked about her old lovers, the
> >mistress continues to refer to Cope and Marsh in the present 
> tense.
> >Cope's crazy mother (Lauren Bacall) takes over Cope's old museum 
> and she
> >makes it into one of the most influential paleontology museums in 
> the
> >U.S.
> >
> >The last scene in the movie is an extreme close up of Lauren 
> Bacall's
> >lips, as she slowly utters in a quivering voice, "Some dinosaurs 
> can
> >fly".
> >
> >[insert more eery music here]
> >
> >Mercifully, I woke up at that point.  A word to the wise: Don't eat 
> tacos
> >just before bedtime!!!
> >
> ><pb>
> >--
> >
> >
> >
> >

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