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RE: Bovids vs. Antilocaprids (new question)

The fossil history of the bovids begins in the early
Miocene. _The bovids that currently inhabit North
America probably reached the continent by dispersal
from northern Asia_ during the Pleistocene, when they
crossed the Bering Strait on a land bridge. The
climate was most likely chilly, which may be why North
American bovids are cold-adapted."

so...where did the Bovids arise?

and where did the Antilocaprids arise? (North America? or did they arise elsewhere, but only undergo radiations in NA ?)

different prehistoric species. And every animal that
is labeled as a "prongbuck" in the galleries (family
Antilocapridae) lives in North America. All other
similar forms are bovids. While doing searches for
other sites that explain the differences between
African Antelope and Pronghorns I came across quite a
few that explained that Antelope have never been found
in America.