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Re: Bovids vs. Antilocaprids (new question)

On 9/8/05, Rodlox R <rodlox@hotmail.com> wrote:

> so...where did the Bovids arise?

The earliest bovid fossils, apart from isolated teeth, are _Eotragus_,
known from the middle Miocene of Pakistan, and _Paleotragoceros_, from
the Miocene of Asia, Europe, and possibly Africa.
> and where did the Antilocaprids arise?  (North America?  or did they arise
> elsewhere, but only undergo radiations in NA ?)

The earliest one known is _Paracosoryx_, from the Miocene of North America.

Incidentally, although I first learned this topology:
((Giraffidae, Cervidae), (Antilocapridae, Bovidae))
...I've heard that genetic studies suggest this instead:
((Antilocapridae, Cervidae), (Giraffidae, Bovidae))

Either way, it appears to me that ruminants originated in Eurasia,
with one group (antilocaprids) developing from an early immigrant to
North America, and later North American immigrations of cervids
(odocoileins, _Rangifer_, _Cervus elaphus_, _Alces alces_) and bovids
(caprines, _Ovibos moschatus_, _Bos (Bison)_). (I could be missing
stuff, of course--no paleomammalogist I.)

This is getting a bit off-topic, perhaps, but I'd be interested in
learning more.

--Mike Keesey