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Re: "Dinosaur Cowboy" film

Tim Williams wrote:
>>>Baron Nopcsa was a pioneer in paleontology and
paleobiology, who named 
new fossil species, including around 10 dinosaur
genera (most of which 
turned out to be invalid).  He also attempted to
reconstruct the 
behavior of 
extinct animals, including the hypothetical ancestors
of birds.  In a 
of papers Nopcsa (1907, 1923, 1929) proposed that bird
ancestors were 
ground-dwelling bipeds that flapped their feathered
forelimbs to 
running speed.  On the personal front, Nopcsa was
rather (OK, very) 
egotistical and eccentric, and he met a tragic end by
his own hand.

....Thanks for the info Tim....sounds like another
interesting (albeit tragic)story.

David Marjanovic wrote:

>>>Quite a feat for the _Bolivian_ army!

....does this ending remind anyone of "Butch Cassidy?"
....okay Phil....do a rewrite! (on second thought...)
>> The last scene in the movie is an extreme close up
of Lauren 
>> lips, as she slowly utters in a quivering voice,
"Some dinosaurs can
>> fly".

....hmmm...I'm revealing my ignorance....what does
ROTFL signify?

Tommy Bradley wrote:
>>>Maybe, just maybe, there is a correlation between
what makes someone a 
fan and a cinephile.  Maybe the sheer epic-ness of
many are bigger then us, far deadlier, and extinct
(well, the big 
kind anyway), so they aren't readily available.  So
what I'm getting at 
if you're the kind of person who finds Dinosaurs
fascinating, maybe 
more likely to find movies fascinating as well.
Not to mention how many film makers have also been
dino buffs (ie: 
My two cents,

....Thanks Tommy....you've saved me hours of therapy!