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Criteria for bibliographical cataloging

I was wondering which criteria we must use to make a bibliographical
survey on dinosaur research scientific litterature.

If we want to compile all the papers published on an subject
(dinosaur), what kind of paper we must include and what kind we must

Well, a description of a new (or old) dinosaur specimen surely would
be considered in those compilation. But probably we will not include
an article about Barney's influence on children's learning.

In a more practical case, should we include a study like this (?):

Lonardelli I, Wenk H-R, Lutterotti L and Goodwin M 2005 - Texture
analysis from synchrotron diffraction images with the Rietveld method:
dinosaur tendon and salmon scale. J. Synchrotron Rad. 12: 354-60.



Roberto Takata