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Re: Bovids vs. Antilocaprids (new question)

In article <1f4a892d05090817237aba94a0@mail.gmail.com>, T. Michael Keesey 
> > so...where did the Bovids arise?
> The earliest bovid fossils, apart from isolated teeth, are _Eotragus_,
> known from the middle Miocene of Pakistan, and _Paleotragoceros_, from
> the Miocene of Asia, Europe, and possibly Africa.
> This is getting a bit off-topic, perhaps, but I'd be interested in
> learning more.
       There was a paper in this year's issue 1 of Palaeontologica Electronica 
with recent work on Pakistani and IIRC Ugandan arteriodactyls. That should 
have an usefully up-to-date bibliography. 
       (I had one of those nasty "C" people dirtying the internet in my 
direction, but he did make me think about early giraffes. Blame the rest on 
Google. I'd not found anything else interesting in that number apart from the 
rotting camel.)
 Aidan Karley,
 Aberdeen, Scotland,
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 Written at Fri, 09 Sep 2005 23:00 +0100

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