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RE: "Cowboy Dinosaur" for the masses

Mary Sue Henry wrote: >>I may have missed it, but did anyone mention that a
>>>film was made back in the 60's or 70's that included both cowboys and
>>>dinosaurs?  In the film the cowboys got into a hidden valley that was
full >>> of dinosaurs.It kind of used the "King Kong" plot, and they roped
a >>>dinosaur, brought it back to civilization, exhibited it in a carnival,
it >>>broke loose,etc.

>>"Valley of the Gwangi" is not about fossil hunters, and not exactly in 
>>the Old West (It takes place in Mexico, around the 1900's).  It does have 
>>cowboys and a British paleontologist ("Sir Horace Bromley"  - thank you 
>>IMDb :-)), as well as an _Eohippus_. <<<

>It also has a circus, and the Allosaur dies in a firery blaze inside a 
church!  Great Ray Harryhausen effects throughout.  BTW, the film was 
released in 1969.

I cannot avoid to participate to this thread. I saw "Valley of the Gwangi"
in 1972 when I was 8, at a parish cinema of the kind that does not exist
anymore here. Before that date Permian and Eocene therapsids looked more
interesting to me than dinosaurs and that movie turned my attention to
I am waiting for another movie dealing with both dinosaurs and Far West
since then.
I began to think that the war for dinosaurs between Cope and Marsh could be
a wonderful subject for such a movie around 1975 when I read for the first
time about the rush for dinosaurs at Como Bluff and other sites in the West. 
I think that there is enough drama, characters and adventure in the story
to make a movie and I will be the first to pay the ticket to see it.

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia