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Re: "Cowboy Dinosaur" for the masses

Cowboys/Dinosaurs and living in the old west has it's disadvantages. I just took (last weekend) a bullet bounding back off a reactive steel target in my right eye. It did some significant damage to the iris and cornea. I will be out of (stereoscopic) fossil hunting commission for at least the rest of the fall though. Depending on how the surgery goes over the next months, I will get some vision back in it we think. I currently am 20/100 in my right eye with the acuity of looking through a coke bottle bottom.

Here I am an advocational paleontologist with a pirate patch on his right eye soon to be walking around the Wyoming/Montana hills looking for dinosaurs next spring.

My question is to the list. Didn't one of the early famous paleontologists out here have a patch? I seem to remember a photo of someone running around one eyed looking for dinos.

Frank Bliss
MS Biostratigraphy
Weston, Wyoming