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Re: "Cowboy Dinosaur" for the masses

In a message dated 9/10/2005 4:23:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
frank@blissnet.com writes:
<< My question is to the list. Didn't one of  the early famous 
paleontologists out here have a patch?  I seem to  remember a photo of 
someone running around one eyed looking for dinos.  >>

Well, Frank, you can now empathize with our Old  Master, Charles R. Knight. 
When he was six one of his little pals threw a rock  which hit his right eye, 
doing considerable damage. He wore a patch for a while  and recovered somewhat, 
but it has been said that today he would be considered  legally blind as his 
other eye wasn't that great either. Amazing that he created  all those 
wonderful drawings, paintings and sculptures despite that. Hope all  works well 
you. DV