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Re: "Dinosaur Cowboy" film

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia wrote:

>>>I think that there is enough drama, characters and
adventure in the 
to make a movie and I will be the first to pay the
ticket to see it.

...that's great to hear Fabio....the consensus here on
the DML seems to be pro Cope/Marsh film.  :)
(p.s....don't know how much of a film buff you
are...but being from Italy, I'm sure you're familiar
with Vittorio de Sica's work from the Italian
neo-realist period.  But if you haven't been
introduced to his films, I'd highly recommend "The
Bicycle Thief" and "Umberto D."  Contextually, it
helps to keep in mind that the neo-realist movement
began post- WWII...both as a response to reflect the
extreme poverty and devastation that Italy, as well as
most of Europe was experiencing...[+35 million
dead]....and as a need, since the government sponsored
Cinecitta studios were bombed out, forcing filmmakers
to "take to the streets."  Also, the films are more
character driven rather than plot
driven....okay....I'd best clam up before I'm booted
off the DML for making it a film, rather than paleo
Rose Alexander