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Re: "Rooster Cogburn"/was "Dinosaur Cowboy" film

Frank Bliss (a.k.a. "The Duke"; also goes by the
alias, "Rooster Cogburn"). Do not, repeat, DO NOT try
to apprehend suspect....he's armed....and VERY
DANGEROUS!!!  Call the federales!!!
just took (last weekend) a bullet bounding back off a
reactive steel 
target in my right eye.  It did some significant
damage to the iris and 
cornea.  I will be out of (stereoscopic) fossil
hunting commission for 
at least the rest of the fall though.  Depending on
how the surgery 
goes over the next months, I will get some vision back
in it we think.  

...sorry to hear about the eye Frank....hope all goes
well with your surgery.  Sounds like you've had quite
a traumatic, as well as painful, experience.  I had
recently injured my right eye when I got a piece of
cement lodged in the cornea while mixing up a batch
for the post holes for a new fence in the yard (I hate
when that happens!)....I can't even imagine what a
bullet to the eye must've felt like!  Let me know if
you need the name of a good opthamologist!  :)
Take care of that eye!
(P.S. Both of us need to invest in a pair of safety
Rose Alexander