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Re: "Rooster Cogburn"/was "Dinosaur Cowboy" film

Thanks all who wrote off list for your best wishes. I will know more in a few weeks of the final resolution of the injury. If I end up going by the name Rooster, so be it. The only nickname that has ever stuck with me was "the Walrus" in reference to my whiskers (or perhaps my dainty figure). I am not sure which is better.

The worst part of the whole eye accident is the doctor saying take it easy. "Don't lift more than 10 pounds". My right bicept weighs 10 pounds let alone my field pick. This shortened my field season by the next two months this year. I guess the surface will be rich next spring. This also put on hold the planned start of a dig on a sub-adult Lance Fm Triceratops that we had scheduled to begin this week as I am the one with access to the land and have to be onsite for the proceedings. As one of the participants of the planned Tric. dig stated," that is what is good about fossils, they will still be there next year." This particular Trics. first right rib is hanging over my computer monitor (assembled) from the ceiling as I type this. ;-)

Frank Bliss MS Biostratigraphy Weston, Wyoming