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Re: German Dino-site

In article <20050912034700.24957.qmail@web33505.mail.mud.yahoo.com>, Jaime A. 
Headden wrote:
> The illustrations
> included appear to come from several artists, including some that I had had on
> the old Dinosauricon website. The site doesn't attribute credit for the art,
       ... but you think it's at least "under-attributed". OK.
       I'm not familiar with the Dinosauricon site, new or old, but I do always 
have to ask myself the motives behind obfuscated contact links. There may be an 
innocent explanation (such as the site's author incompetently using FrontPage 
with no idea what they're actually doing), but when I combine this with what 
sounds like a free webmail service, I do get somewhat suspicious. Hmm, posting 
this from a Yahoo account - well you could always mail me at 
aidan@karley.demon.co.uk instead. I'd give you the work address, but we don't 
use email at work (just *for* work. Go figure!). Whatever - examining the 
code of the web page (actually the left frame), I get the contact email link to 
be "mailto:dinosauriervonabisz@web.de?subject=Dinos";
       Quick check on the web.de site's front page : "WEB.DE FreeMail" , yes, 
it's a freemail provider.
       Now, who's actually hosting the site?
       Hmmm, that's more difficult - I don't appear to have access to a whois 
server for .de. It appears (do a traceroute) that the server appears to hang 
the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft ("Fraunhofer Institutes"?), but only at one of 
border routers. Which is unusual. Needs someone with better net knowledge than 
 Aidan Karley,
 Aberdeen, Scotland,
 Location: 57°10' N,  02°09'  W (sub-tropical Aberdeen), 0.021233
 Written at Mon, 12 Sep 2005 08:53 +0100

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