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Re: Solnhofen quarrying pattern

David Marjanovic wrote:

However, nobody is digging, and there is not just one quarry.

The lithographic limestone deposits of Bavaria have yielded more than just _Archaeopteryx_* and _Compsognathus_, including a small coelurosaur discussed briefly by Viohl (1999).

(* = _Wellnhoferia_, _Jurapteryx_, _Archaeornis_, _Griphosaurus_, _Griphornis_)

Basically, the whole area consists of plated limestone. It's practically at the surface. Must be similar in northeastern China (the Yixian and Jiufotang Fms covering the western half of Liaoning and beyond), only much, much, much larger...

This "beyond" may include an exposure across the Chinese border, in North Korea (a.k.a the People's Loving Democratic Republic of Korea). The primitive bird _Proornis coreae_ (the "North Korean Archaeopteryx", but it may be a confuciusornithid), said to be from the Sinuiju Series, could be part of the Jehol biota. There are apparently some wonderful vertebrate fossils in this neck of the woods.