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Re: Solnhofen quarrying pattern

<<I heard the dynamite going off in 1999. Definitely still active at
Langenaltheim then.>>

That was on the BBC wish-list for filming I received in 2003, Aidan.  They
were very keen on dynamite.  However, as they wanted to film the quality
Plattenkalk being processed, they had to make do with a bit of hammering
instead.  Anyway, they'd already filmed some dynamite at Portland.  More
would've been greedy.

The series concerns the history of the landscape of Europe, and broadcasting
in Germany began last Sunday on ZDF.  It's entitled Der Kontinent.  I don't
know what the BBC called it or whether it's been shown yet.  I think the
working title was Europe One.

<<The local maps mark a number of areas as being for "hobbysteinbrukken",

Signs generally read 'Hobbysteinbruck' (pl. Hobbysteinbrücke).  There's one
in Solnhofen, but it's surprisingly elusive.  Theoretically, you have to
spend a night in the town to qualify for access.  Maps are available from
the hotelier, but they're very likely some years old.  It's quite possible
they guide you to the wrong quarry, even assuming you find the one

The situation is different towards Eichstätt.  One quarrying company have an
interesting collection of fossils housed at Harthof in the Museum Berger.
This is merely excellent, so it's about the third best in the area.  (The
dragon flies are wonderful at the right time of year, as you can go out to
the pond and watch some of their counterparts.  Beautiful.)  There's a
public quarry a kilometre or so away and they'll provide details and lease
out hammers and chisels.  I know there's another Hobbysteinbruck around
somewhere, but I haven't been to that one.

I suppose I might as well mention a short webpage of mine.

There really is a boat hire company called Lemmings.