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Re: Solnhofen quarrying pattern

<<The local maps mark a number of areas as being for "hobbysteinbrukken",

Signs generally read 'Hobbysteinbruck' (pl. Hobbysteinbrücke).

Errrrrrr... -bruch, -brüche. With "ch" as in "Loch Ness". No "k". Steinbruch does literally mean "stone break", but it designates the place where that is done -- "quarry".

There's one
in Solnhofen, but it's surprisingly elusive.  Theoretically, you have to
spend a night in the town to qualify for access.  Maps are available from
the hotelier, but they're very likely some years old.  It's quite possible
they guide you to the wrong quarry, even assuming you find the one

Interesting. My uncle and I got into a small, rather empty quarry without difficulty a few years ago, and we didn't see any other hobbyists...