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Re: Solnhofen quarrying pattern

In article <0f8801c5b917$250c32f0$0100a8c0@yourynxza5usuu>, K and T Dykes 
> According to my West Saxon understanding, Bavarian law regards disused
> quarries as open for access as long as you don't break in.  Working quarries
> are a different matter.  That can leave a grey area, as it may not be clear
> whether work has ceased or merely paused.
       I simply stuck to the footpaths marked on the map (generally waymarked 
to some extent too) and if I could see rockface or spoil heap from the path 
I'd amble over and have a look. The area is a popular walking/ tourism area so 
I figured that if somewhere was "private" then they'd already have fenced it 
in and made it obvious. It's not as if people only started touristing there 3 
months ago.
 Aidan Karley,
 Aberdeen, Scotland,
 Location: 57°10' N,  02°09'  W (sub-tropical Aberdeen), 0.021233
 Written at Wed, 14 Sep 2005 12:07 +0100

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