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Re: T.Rex Feather Skepticism

From: "T. Michael Keesey" <keesey@gmail.com>

Sure, a full-grown _T. rex_ is very large; but they aren't that numerous. Think of it this way: if you piled up the fur of all the grizzly bears in North America in one pile and the fur of all the rabbits in North America in another pile, which pile would be bigger?

The question isn't about grizzly bears vs. rabbits. It's elephants vs. antelope. T. Rex was so large, it probably didn't need a whole lot of extra insulation thanks to its volume. A huge biped is probably somewhat different than a huge quadruped, thermally speaking, but not _that_ different.

And tiny (or decorative) feathers on a _biiiig_ rotting carcass are not in a good situation for preservation compared to an corpse with a higher feather-to-mass ratio.

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