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Re: sauropods: homotherm,heterotherm or gigantotherm?

2005/9/13, Mike Taylor <mike@miketaylor.org.uk>:
> However, Greg Paul's 1998 paper _Terramegathermy and Cope's Rule in
> the land of titans_ (Modern Geology 23:179-217) makes a strong case
> from simple observation of extant and fossil critters that _only_
> endotherms can get big: apart from dinosaurs, whose metabolic strategy
> is still controversial, the only big terrestial animals (defined as
> "more than a tonne in mass") have been mammals, hence endothermic.

In the water we have huge ectotherms like whale-shark...

On the other hand, mammals carnivores never gotten so big - the
biggest is the killer whale with more or less 5 tonnes. The extinct
cave bear could reach about 900 kg.


Roberto Takata