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Re: Marshall Lambert

It is impossible to know how many young Montana farm boys and farm girls
went on to seek a career in science because of Marshall Lambert.

"Teach by example" was part of his character.


On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 13:08:21 -0400 (EDT) Danvarner@aol.com writes:
> I'm taking the liberty  of forwarding this from the vrtpaleo list. 
> Marshall 
> Lambert was the nucleus of  an enthusiastic group of amateurs in 
> Elkalaka. They 
> were the discoverers of the  skull of Pachycephalosaurus, which they 
> donated 
> to the American Museum of  Natural History. When I was a kid I 
> dreamed of 
> going to high school there where  the extraciricular activity was 
> prospecting the 
> Hell Creek exposures with  Marshall Lambert. DV
> << The following news comes  from Joseph Hartman (University of 
> North Dakota) 
> and is forwarded at his  request.
> Marshall Lambert died September 9, 2005, in Ekalaka, Montana. He  
> was laid to 
> rest Monday, September 12, 2005. A memorial has been established in  
> his name 
> at the Carter County Museum. Mail can be addressed to his son, Brice 
> Lambert, in Ekalaka, Montana, 59324 (no street or box address). 
> Marshall was  honored 
> by the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum (banquet), the Society of  
> Vertebrate 
> Paleontology (by declaration), and the Paleontological Society  
> (Strimple 
> Award) for his long service to amateur-advocation paleontology,  
> assistance to many 
> professional paleontologists, and making the Carter County  Museum 
> the place 
> that it is today. >>