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Re: New sauropod paper

--- Michael Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com> wrote:

> Mike Taylor wrote-
> > > If "R. tamesnensis" doesn't have designated type material, its a
> > > nomen nudum and Sereno et al. can make those specimens the holotype
> > > of whatever name they choose.  However, I have not read de
> > > Lapparent's paper to see if this is really the case.
> >
> >There is an English translation freely downloadable from the wondrous
> >Polyglot Paleontologist web-site:
> >     http://ravenel.si.edu/paleo/paleoglot/files/Lapparent_60.pdf
> >In this, "_R._" _tamesnensis_ is described in reasonable detail in
> >pages 29-35.  There was evidently a great deal of material -- 4 teeth,
> >100 vertebrae, 12 ribs, 5 scapulae, 1 ilium, 2 ischia and a whole mass
> >of appendicular material.  However, it does seem that no particular
> >part of this agglomeration is specified to be the holotype; indeed, I
> >can't find a single specimen number listed anywhere in the section.
> >
> >So it looks like you're right -- the name is taxonomic junk.
> Doesn't this just mean all of the specimens are syntypes?  A lectotype 
> should probably be chosen, but the name's hardly invalid.  Note Sereno chose 
> a lectotype for Elaphrosaurus gautieri when he renamed it Spinostropheus.

I totally agree here. If that's the case, then say bye to Jobaria. As mentioned 
above, there is a
lot of material mentioned above for R. tamesnensis. But question: how much of 
this was collected
and what was left in the field?  When i read the 1999 Jobaria paper years the 
ago, that footnote
regarding R. tamesnensis didn't sound definite....

I think Sereno has a tendancy to abandon previously established names in favor 
of something he
prefers. Similarly, how was Deltadromeus diagosed differentially from  
Bahariasaurus? (I don't
have the paper on hand to recall the info).
Microceratops was abandoned in favor of Graciliceratops, because the type of 
Microceratops was
stated to be founded on poor remains - does anyone know what these remains are? 
I can't recall if
Sereno ever mentioned that....

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