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Re: New sauropod paper

On 9/14/05, Jay <sappororaptor@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I totally agree here. If that's the case, then say bye to Jobaria.

Only if you think _Rebbachisaurus tasmenensis_ is congeneric with _R.
garasbae_. Since nobody seems to think this (_R. garasbae_ is a
diplodocoid neosauropod; _R. tasmenensis_ is a non-neosauropod
eusauropod), it seems that _Jobaria tasmenensis_ would be the proper
designation, and a senior synonym of _J. tiguidensis_ ... if _R.
tasmenensis_ is not a nomen nudum, that is....

Either way, _Jobaria_ can stay ... it's _J. tiguidensis_ that's under
judgment here.

—Mike Keesey