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Re: T.Rex Feather Skepticism

On 9/15/05, Ronald Orenstein <ron.orenstein@rogers.com> wrote:
> At 11:35 PM 9/14/2005, T. Michael Keesey wrote:
> >are any ground birds altricial?
> All of the Passeriformes are altricial, and many nest on the ground,
> including birds, including most of the larks that are highly
> terrestrial.

Wow, I didn't know that.

> There are also ground-living woodpeckers, pigeons, and others besides
> those mentioned, including some that nest there (or at least on
> ledges or in crevices).

I wouldn't count ledges as "ground".

Nonetheless, sounds like the "rule" is disproven. And, as for other
dinosaurs, as someone pointed out to me off-list, a protective
multi-tonne parent can certainly make a nest "difficult to reach".

—Mike Keesey