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RE: Third claw for climbing was Re: Pro(to)avis

On Fri, 16 Sep 2005, Tim Williams wrote:

Jerzy Dyczkowski wrote:

Just a question: how helpful could be enlarged third claws of some theropods during climbing tree trunks?

If you mean the enlarged FOOT claw, then this is on the second toe. The idea

Thanks for the correction.

that this claw may have been used for trunk-climbing (and perhaps originally evolved for this purpose) has come up before. (Did Sankar Chatterjee suggest this?)

And what came of this idea?

I've heard that seriemas (modern predatory birds) have an enlarged claw on their inner toes, and it it is used in both predation and climbing. Though I've not been able to find an original reference which says *how* and *why* seriemas use these claws for climbing - after all, seriemas are perfectly good fliers, and they hunt on the ground, so why should they need to climb?

Never heard of seriemas climbing trees.