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RE: Things To Look Forward To - SVP 2005 (Mesa, Arizona, USA) - Part 2

  "Greg Erickson and others will assess bite force parameters and output in
crocodylians, and show that despite jaw variation, tooth variation, fossil
and extant Crocodylia have shown little change in bite force capacity, and
this is apparently consistent between *Alligator* and *Crocodilus* even
during ontogeny. The bone crushing bites are apparently quite ancient."

--this is exactly what one would expect from the fact that crocs have been
so well-adapted over the eons, isn't it?  One would also expect little
change in performance parameters associated with, say, cockroaches ...

-- what would be interesting to look at is whether there has been any
improvement in crocs' sensing capabilities and neurological hardware ... The
jaws are near-perfect weapons "hardware" but it might be just as impressive
that the same basic "detection & attack" software has worked so reliably for
hundreds of millions of years ... That's quite a bit better than we are able
to do with our software, human or computer-based!