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RE: Things To Look Forward To - SVP 2005 (Mesa, Arizona, USA) - Part 2

Jaime A. Headden wrote:

They also present on more *Revueltosaurus*-like skeletons from the
Chinle Formation (Blue Mesa Member) of Arizona, USA, and Pekin Formation (North
Carolina, USA) imply a greater distribution of such fossils.

This makes sense: "ornithischian" teeth have been descibed from both the Chinle Formation (_Revueltosaurus_) and the Pekin Formation (_Pekinosaurus_).

*Protoavis* appears to have the femur, astragalus and calcaneum of a coelophysoid,

If (as seems likely) _Protoavis_ is a chimera, which element(s) get to keep the name _Protoavis_? In other words, what is the name-bearing element? My guess is that the holotype (or lectotype) would be a cranial element, in which case _Protoavis_ would probably be non-dinosaurian.

Thus the implication is that all Late Triassic saurischians from North
America are coelophysoids.

Even _Chindesaurus_ is a coelophysoid?

Thanks for the summaries, Jaime. And you're right - goblin sharks are fascinating.