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RE: Things To Look Forward To - SVP 2005 (Mesa, Arizona, USA) - Part 2

Jaime A. Headden wrote-

Similiarly, the authors are restricting non-saurischian, non-ornithischians
from dinosaurs, it seems, resulting in *Chindesaurus* as a non-saurischian
(which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone if we can think there were
non-saurischian carnivorous dinosaurs) but as long as dinosaurs equal
(Saurischia + Ornithischia) and each is the opposing stem of a node of such
formulation, neither Herrerasauridae nor *Eoraptor* are technically dinosaurs.

It's been a while since anyone's supported non-dinosaurian herrerasaurids or Eoraptor. Everyone's placed both inside Saurischia lately.

I hope at some point I get to present a humor-filled perspective on what I am
terming the *Protoavis* Theory (I have an even funnier title for the poster or
talk this will turn into). Chatterjee could have named his "bird" *Chimaera
protoavoides*, but that is wishful thinking.

Unfortunate the genus is preoccupied. Though Protoavis seems to be many things, I doubt any part of it is from a ratfish. ;)

Mickey Mortimer